All that glitters…

Things I love: sparkles. crafts. christmas. (not necessarily in that order)

Tonight, I tried to make something I found on pinterest that combined these things. Glitter ornaments. They were SO easy, and pretty mess free. Who would have thought you could have a craft using glitter that was MESS FREE?! I made some simple ornaments, but once the glitter is added, they look really cool. So below are the steps I took to get to the final results!

imageThe supplies:

  • glass ornaments
  • q-tips
  • funnel (you can use rolled up paper, an envelope and cut the corner off, snow cone papers)
  • glitter
  • Pledge Floor Care with Future Shine Finish (yep, you read that right… see below for what the bottle looks like)



Step 1: Take out the hangers


Step 2: Pour in some of the Pledge. You really don’t need a ton, just enough to coat all the way around the ornament.

Step 3: Take the cap off of the bottle, and pour the extra floor care solution back in the bottle. If you have bubbles left in the ornament from the Pledge, you can use a q-top to smooth it out. You don’t want to let the ornament sit for too long, otherwise the Pledge will dry.


Step 4: Use the funnel and pour in some glitter. It’s okay to use a lot, because you will be pouring the extra out. You want to make sure you’ve got enough in there to coat the whole ornament. With finer glitter, it’s going to take more.

Step 5: Roll the ornament around to coat the entire inside with glitter. Use your finger or a napkin to cover the opening and get the top part.


Step 6: Turn the ornament over and dump the remaining glitter back into the jar.


Step 7: Almost there! The whole ornament should be covered, extra glitter removed, now put the topper back on.


The final product! Of course you can add bows or ribbons or use paint and stickers to   add a name or anything extra. For now, I’m leaving mine as is until I fully complete my set. I bought a pack of 6 regular sized ornaments and 4 large ornaments. We’ll see where those end up after Christmas 🙂

Overall, this was incredibly easy with

very little mess. The final product looks so cool, and I’m going to be people won’t think these are homemade.

These would be great for gifts.. on their own, as a set, or with other items.

Happy Crafting!


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